The HUBCAP Wallingford is also home to Wallingford Center, Inc. (WCI), which
promotes connectivity among people who live and work in the greater Wallingford
area by sponsoring workshops, meetings, exhibitions and other community events. 

community COMMITTEE
Roxane McKay
Technical Associates Group, Inc.
Stephen Knight
WCI Board Member
Elizabeth Landow
Wallingford Center Inc.
McCormack, Gail
Wallingford Public Schools
Steven Lazarus
Lazarus & Sargeant Architects
Mary Pashley
Choate Rosemary Hall
Beth Devlin
Wallingford Public Library
Sean Doherty
Wallingford Family YMCA
Steven Johnson
Workforce Alliance/CTWorks
Tarn Granucci
Poet Laureate of Wallingford
Editor, Wallingford Magazine
Lynn Faria
MidState Medical Center
Eileen Hasson
The Computer Company, Inc.